Misdemeanor Charges
Barbara Graham
Record Restriction Specialist
Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office

Felony Charges
Debbie Lowe
Record Restriction Specialist
Fulton County District Attorney Office
136 Pryor Street SW, 3rd Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Victims Assistance
Marla Patterson
Director of Victim Assistance

Media Requests
Please direct your Open Records Request to the Fulton County Open Records link here: Kenya Johnson
Chief Deputy Solicitor

Court Contacts

State Court Criminal Division
(404) 613-5040
(404) 613-5085

Superior Court Criminal Division
(404) 612-5070

Juvenile Court
(404) 612-4402

Probate Court
(404) 612-4640

  • Have as much information as possible such as the defendant’s name, booking number, case number and/or date of the defendant’s birth.


  • Refer to any correspondence that we sent you and bring it with you if you come to the office.


  • If a specific Assistant Solicitor has been assigned to your case, direct your questions to that person or leave a detailed message for a return call.


  • If you have a question about a felony charge, call the District Attorney’s Office because that office handles those charges.


  • Remember that we will not give a defendant legal advice, but we may give him general information such as the court date or the name of the Judge assigned by the State Court Clerk.


  • Let us know if you have a change of address or cannot attend court if you are a witness or a victim in the case.

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