Office of the

Building a justice system that is smart, fair and restorative.


The mission of the Office of the Solicitor General, under the leadership of Keith E. Gammage, is to obtain Smart, Fair and Restorative Justice by pursuing a holistic, progressive approach to the criminal justice system which emphasizes public safety, criminal justice reform community education and the fair, efficient resolution of traffic and misdemeanor criminal matters. The duties of the Office of the Solicitor General of the State Court of Fulton County are to investigate, charge, and prosecute misdemeanor violations of Georgia statutes and county ordinances that occur in Fulton County. The Solicitor General ensures that all persons involved in the criminal process are treated in a courteous and professional manner.

Our Team

Deputy Nancy Mau – Diversion

Deputy McCutcheon –  Pre Accusation/Intake

Deputy Henderson – Expungement Division

Deputy Green – Post Accusation
(Trial Division)

Deputy Kondritzer – Appeals

Deputy Cavor – Chief of Staff

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